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Green Ivy Books Review: 

Green ivy publishing is one of the leading self-publishing companies operating in the traditional and online book publishing industry. It is one of those rarest of rare companies that have helped many first time authors to set foot in the world of book publishing. In fact the green ivy books review revealed that some of its authors have been signed up by leading national book publishing firms.

ven though self-publishing industry finds its root almost as back as the book publishing industry, it has undergone considerable changes over the years, especiallysince the invention of computers and internet. Since then online book (popularly known as eBook) publishing has gained rapid popularity.
However self-publishing firms like green ivy publishing review offer both type of publishing services. Though costly many authors opt for brick and mortar book publishing system. 

The Best Side Of Self-Publishing

    Green ivy offers all publishing allied services to novice authors helping them navigate the complex world of book publishing. Green ivy publishing review has designed a comprehensive book publishing process offering first time authors all the assistance they need. It has a team of expert editors, artists and project managers working closely with the author to make his/ her book into a successful publishing story.

    The green ivy books review has developed a four step process with assisted guidance to the novice authors. The first step is editing and writing which begins immediately after the rough manuscript is received from the concern author. The rough draft is edited and shaped into a ready to publish book with the help of experienced editors. The second step involves working with artists who will develop the most suitable cover design and illustrations for the book. This is important since a good cover design can attract the attention of a potential buyer.

    The next obvious step in the process developed by green ivy publishing reviewis the production and promotion of the book. While the production phase is largely the responsibility of the company, the promotion requires active participation of the author. Depending on the budget chosen the book will be marketed via online and/ or offline marketing channels.It will be made available on different sales channels and advertised properly to ensure wide publicity.Green ivy books reviewalsohelps authors with ISBN and copyright registration related services; this is the final step in the service package.

    With over 200 happy and satisfied published authors green ivy publishing review

    • has established itself as a reliable face in the self-publishing industry. It is renowned for maintaining strictest confidentiality, securing your book form any type of literary theft. To experience the better side of self-book publishing industry, you couldn't ask for a better partner. In fact green ivy has unusually high number of repeat customers due to their secured, simple yet affordable publishing system. Think of self-publishing, think of green ivy.